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      Tanova, Nadejda [2]
      Taraburca, Emilia [1]
      Taragan, Elena [1]
      Tcaci, Lilia [1]
      The Bulgarian „Hristo Botev” library in Chișinău is one of the 27 branches of the Municipal „B.P. Hasdeu” Library and bases its activity on promotion of Bulgarian values. Library possesses a rich book collection, and has already become a Bulgarian cultural centre in Moldova. During 29 years of activity it provided the blooming of local Bulgarian culture, by writing articles on Bulgarian personalities, by carrying out services such as scientifi c conferences, literary medallions, festivals, round tables, discussions/debates, bibliographic magazines and book exhibitions, all on Bulgarian subject. We know that ethnic Bulgarians had greatly contributed to the history of Chișinău, activating as members of the administrative boards, as writers, poets, historians, philologists. Some streets in Chișinău are named after Bulgarian personalities. Author mentions that activity carried out by the library’s staff promote Bulgarian national holidays, giving historical and cultural data on most important of them, such as Bulgaria’s National Day, Slavic Writing and Culture Days, or traditional celebrations like Babinden, Trifan Zarezan. etc. The „Въгленче” Ethno folklore ensemble which plays Bulgarian authentic songs this way highlights the Bulgarian people costumes, folk songs and dances. [1]
      Topalo, Valentina [2]
      Tostogan, Aliona [6]
      Tracz, Evan [1]
      Țîcu, Victoria [2]
      Țurcan, Elena [1]
      Țurcan, Nelly [25]